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Filter reminder  
04:42pm 20/01/2012
Katherine Ray King
To some of the newcomers on my livejournal, I have several different filters. I'm going to be making this a permanent comment on my journal, to be edited as needed with updates and changes. Drop a comment here with ones you would like to be added to.

Current Filters:
2009 Bathroom Rehab
IC (In Character writings)
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Dusts off the old LJ  
10:38am 20/12/2010
Katherine Ray King
I figured I should take a minute to mention to those who don't follow facebook that today it's official I completed my final quarter at Sullivan. I will be graduating summa cum laude with a 3.93 GPA and my Associate of Applied Science degree in professional catering.

Then in January I start at University of Louisville for Biology. I want to study how food is effecting people on a basic level, so I'll be specializing in genetic/sub-cellular biology.

Money is tight, but it will be easier starting in January, because I won't need any extra loans beyond what the government gives me, which will be less stress until I graduate, of course.

I plan to go back to New Orleans in September, I'm quite eagerly looking forward to that.
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tags: life, school
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(no subject)  
02:43pm 13/07/2010
Katherine Ray King

I write like
Dan Brown

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

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State of the Kitty End of Year Update  
09:26pm 16/12/2009
Katherine Ray King
Well, I made it through my second quarter of school. I dunno my grades yet, but I'm optimistic that it's all A's again. Cross your fingers for me. :)

Christmas is rapidly approaching. I've got a lot of presents for folks under the tree, I'm very excited. Mom and her boyfriend are coming up and bringing Keely. It should be interesting.

Not a whole lot going on other then that.

Cam-wise, I'm pretty interested in Sabbat, if only because I have a really nifty concept I'm working on. I'll be playing a male Lasombra, I'm not sure what position he'll be, but I'm going to try for a decent one. For sure Archbishop, maybe higher if possible. I have an Angel of Caine, a Ravnos-anti, and a Malk-anti linked up so far. Ping me if you're interested.

More later when I have my grades.
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Life and other stuff  
09:07am 06/11/2009
Katherine Ray King
Sadly, I post on Facebook more than I do here nowadays. I find it a little easier to write in small clips instead of big posts. But to summarize, for my friends not on FB, here's what's up with me.

School: Is going fine. I am fairly sure I have A's in all my classes as of midterms. I didn't test as well as I would have liked, but I didn't do terrible. COMP 1 is awesome, and I love that class. Baking is a blast, I've learned so much, and I really like my Chef. FYE is stupid, but I'm going to get an A so I don't ever have to deal with this class again...and Catering is a drag for the most part, since the teacher sucks pretty bad as a teacher. Nice lady, bad at presenting information. She rambles way too much for my taste.

Life: Family is good. Everyone in the household is well and seems to be doing great. If they're lying to me, well, not my problem. I wish I had more spare time to spend with my friends, but school has to be my priority right now. My mom is apparently getting remarried, which is kinda weird for me, but I'll deal with it. Dad hurt his hand, but is on the mend. All in all, everyone down south is fine.

Cam: Yes, the Cam actually gets its own little section, since we finally managed to get the domain back up and running. For the third time, I might add. But at least we have local games. Maybe in the near future we can get to some out of town games. When I'm not in school, or when I have a break, perhaps.

Pug: Is a constant source of amusement for me. He's such a neat little guy, and he's so sweet when he's not being a little monster. Just like a toddler, but fuzzier. :D

Holidays: Right now I have no idea what I'm doing. I have a week off for Thanksgiving, and have invited family to come up here if they'd want, but was politely turned down. So, open invite to all my friends in the Louisville vicinity...there will be food. Christmas is only a little further way, and I've already started shopping. I picked out what I want to get folks, and now I'm just waiting for Black Friday. :D My tree had to get thrown out because of the flood earlier this year, so I have to buy a new one this year, which sucks. But at least I know to get up super early! ;) I get off school Dec 18-Jan 2 between this quarter and next quarter, so if all goes well, perhaps there will be time for a trip to Little Rock in there.

That's all I can come up with right now. I'm a bit under the weather, so I'm going to try to find something to entertain me until I can focus enough to get my homework knocked out for the weekend. I have plans, ya know. :)
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First Quarter - concluded  
10:56am 14/09/2009
Katherine Ray King
Well, finished my first quarter of school at Sullivan University. I was taking 18 credit hours, started classes at 7AM and ended my day at 1PM.

Next quarter I have five classes, for 22 credits.

But anyway, final breakdown of the quarter was:
Culinary Theory - Final Grade - A - 4.0
Culinary Lab - Final Grade - A - 4.0
Food Service Sanitation - Final Grade - A - 4.0
Public Speaking - Final Grade - A - 4.0

Current GPA: 4.0


Next quarter starts in two weeks. I'll have the following schedule:
Baking Lab - 7AM
Baking Theory - 10AM
Intro to Catering - 11AM
FYE - 12PM
Comp 1 - 1PM

I'm so ready. :D
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tags: life, school
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Run by updating  
09:28am 26/07/2009
Katherine Ray King
School is busy. Midterms are this week plus a speech due and midterm practical in cooking as well. Probably gonna be out of touch this week.

Week after midterms is my trip to LR for Keely's b-day. Hope to see some of my friends while I'm there too. Maybe go see G.I.Joe as well. :D

Our garden is insane - it has exploded out of the space we gave it...our tomatoes outgrew their cages and actually pulled them out of the ground as they grew. Looking forward to picking some soon and frying them green with some bacon. We've managed to harvest three vine-ripened ones already. Our jalapeños are also doing great. We've used about five of them already and have at least a half dozen more ready to be picked today. Basil is on crack and is holding its own against the tomatoes and jalapeños quite well.

I cut 7 inches off my hair. Pictures can be found on facebook.

Uh...yeah. Time to go write my speech now. kthxbai.
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college update  
02:31pm 26/06/2009
Katherine Ray King
Posting from the school library...got my schedule today. I'm not happy about it, but life isn't always about getting what you want. Hopefully next quarter it will have a few less gaps in between classes.

Right now it's:
7:00-7:50AM Basic Culinary Theory
8:00-10:50AM Basic Culinary Skills Lab
12:00-12-50PM Food Service Sanitation
2:00-2:50PM Information Literacy

So to break it all down, that's 18 credit hours (the lab is worth 6, the others are worth 4) on Monday-Thurs. Sullivan has what they call "Plus Fridays" where all your teachers come in for helping with make-up work, getting ahead in class, tutoring, etc from 8AM-noon. I'm planning to take advantage of it to get ahead in as many classes as I can, since I'm still hoping to make it to Little Rock in August. Hopefully midterms aren't the weekend of Keely's birthday...that would suck.

At least I'm not also trying to work while I'm on this schedule. I plan to try to find something part-time, but now I think it's worth it to wait until next quarter.

Also, PSA to my body, you can stop with the getting sick twice a day crap. It was old the first time you did it, and a week long stint of this is just ridiculous.
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tags: college, life
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short update  
12:20am 21/06/2009
Katherine Ray King
I have registration at Sullivan University on Tuesday. I managed to get enough financing to cover the first half of my associates degree plan. Hopefully I can find a part time job too. We'll see.

The contractor showed back up. Trouble with his ex-wife not paying a settlement he gave her money for while they were married led to him being locked up for a couple weeks. Explains why I couldn't contact him, lol.

I have new glasses. Pic available here

I have another pair on the way, but they had to be special ordered because of some of the additions I had put on them. They're really pimp, though, and are going to be awesome. The blue ones are my backup glasses that I have for now until the good pair arrives.
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(no subject)  
01:02pm 17/06/2009
Katherine Ray King
So, for those that do not follow me on Facebook (yet, I assume) today I go in to meet with financial aid at a local private university. If all goes as planned I will start college again on June 29. 18 month course for my Associate of Science specialized in Professional Catering. If that works out, another 18 months and I get my Bachelor of Science. But that's long term...short term, plz send me good vibes, prayers, whatever today in an hour and half, cuz I really need to get student loans approved.
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